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The Kachō no Miya is the Imperial Branch House miyake established in the fourth year of the Keiou Era, or 1868, by the twelfth prince of Fushimi no Miya Kuniie, named Kacho no Miya Hirotsune. In the thirteenth year of the Taisho Era, or 1924, the Kacho family succeeded as a marquis branch kousyaku, (the second of the five ranks in the five-rank Imperial System, below prince but above count).

Currently, the Kacho no Miya residence is located in the Tokyo metropolitan area, in the fourth district chome of the Mita area. The remains are located nearby the Kamezuka Children's Park, and is generally accessible to the public.

Additionally, in the fourth year of Showa, or 1929, in Kamakura-shi, Kachou Hironobu established a residence. In the fourth year of Heisei, or 1996, the city of Kamakura-shi acquired the land, and it is now more popularly known as kyuu-Kachou no Miya Yashiki, or the former residence of Kachou no Miya. There is an outdoor garden portion that is generally open to the public.