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Kachimayu (Huancavelica)

Kachimayu ( Quechua kachi salt, mayu river, "salt river", hispanicized spelling Cachimayo) is a river in Peru located in the Huancavelica Region, Huancavelica Province, on the border of the districts of AscensiĆ³n and Huancavelica. It originates in the Chunta mountain range northwest of the peak of Antarasu near the village of Kachimayu (Cachimayo). At its confluence with the Pukapampa-Astupampa (Pucabamba-Astobamba) River, it forms the Ichhu River, which is an important affluent of the Mantaro River.


Kachimayu or Kachi Mayu ( Quechua for "salt river", hispanicized spellings Cachimayo, Cachimayu, Cachi Mayu) may refer to: