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KABR (defunct)

KABR was a radio station based in Aberdeen, South Dakota.

In the 1940s the station was a Mutual affiliate with 5000 watts of power. The 1948 Broadcasting Yearbook gave a 1935 establishment date and 5000 watts of power with no schedule limit; the 1959 Broadcasting Yearbook gave the station's start date as 1952 and power as 1000 watts daytime-only. Frank E. Fitzsimmons acquired the station on March 12, 1959.

It produced the program Juke Box Jamboree hosted by DJ Eddie L. Weeks in 1950.

Significant radio personalities affiliated with the station include:

  • Melvin Baker, sportscaster, 1940–1941
  • A. A. Fahy, newscaster, 1941, 1945–1946
  • Ed "Eddie" Falk, sportscaster, 1938–1941
  • John A. Griffin, newscaster, 1945–1946
  • Russell V. "Russ" Kaber - sportscaster, 1947
  • E. C. Pieplow - newscaster, 1946
  • George E. Viehmann, Jr. - newscaster, 1942
  • Myrtle Young - home economic commentator, 1957
  • Preston "Jeff" Solem - Party Line host and station owner, 1960s and early 1970s aside from his duties as Mayor of Aberdeen
  • Lynn Solem - Talk show host and co-owner
  • "Maestro" Mike (Omer) Nelson was Music Director
  • Dale Dee (Shornack) - DJ
  • Dan Nikolas - DJ
  • John Buchanan - DJ
  • Wally Wingert - DJ (in his first professional radio job. Wally later went on to be a Voice-Over artist in Los Angeles, and was the Announcer for "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" for four years. (Wingert owns the Gatesway 80 control board used at KABR for decades as the main on-air control board)
  • D.W. Kelly (Dwight Walth) - DJ

As of 1959, Jeff Solem was news and program director, and Lynn Solem was women's director.

, 1420 kHz in Aberdeen is KGIM (AM).


KABR may refer to:

  • KABR (FM), a radio station (107.5 FM) licensed to serve Alamo Community, New Mexico, United States
  • KYGR, a radio station (88.1 FM) licensed to serve Alamo, New Mexico, which held the call sign KABR-FM from 2009 to 2012
  • 1500 KOAZ Alamo Community, New Mexico — an Alamo Navajo station on the air since 1982 and known as KABR until 2010
  • KABR (defunct) Aberdeen, South Dakota — a station on the air at least from the 1940s to the 1970s; it resided on 1420 kHz and is now known as KGIM (AM)
  • The ICAO airport code for Aberdeen Regional Airport in South Dakota