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n. The title of the king of (w: Buganda).


Kabaka may refer to:

  • Kabaka of Buganda, the title of the king of Buganda
  • Kabaka Puttur, a village in the state of Karnataka, India

Usage examples of "kabaka".

Mtesa is the Kabaka of Uganda, Usogo, Unyoro, and Karagwe—an empire three hundred kilometers in length and fifty in breadth, the biggest political unit in all this pagan world.

Malenfant wondered how the Kabaka and his predecessors had managed it.

Through an interpreter, a dried-up little courtier, the Kabaka asked questions.

It is my fate to remain here, amusing the Kabaka, until the aging treatments fail, and I die.

Malenfant agreed to travel with Pierre de Bonneville to Usavara, the hunting village of the Kabaka, and from there to the capital, Rubaga.

So he started campaigning, with the Kabaka and Nemoto in her role as the katekiro, to be allowed to see de Bonneville.

Nemoto stood silently beside the Kabaka while the comic-opera charade ran its course.