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Kaan may refer to:

  • Kaan (Maya state), a Pre-Columbian state of the Maya civilization with its capital at Calakmul
  • Siaan Kaan, the ancient name of Uaxactun, an ancient ruin of the Maya civilization
  • Lord Kaan, a fictional character in the Star Wars Expanded Universe
  • Kaan (name), Turkish variant on Khan
  • Kaan: Barbarian's Blade, a video game
  • KAAN-FM, American radio station
  • KAAN (AM), American radio station
  • Kaan (film), an upcoming Indian film

KAAN (870 AM) is a commercial radio station located in Bethany, Missouri serving northwest Missouri and southern Iowa. The station broadcasts an Oldies format. KAAN is licensed to Alpha Media Licensee LLC and owned by Alpha Media and has a daytime-only license. It must sign off at sunset since WWL-AM in New Orleans is a 50,000-watt Class A station also located at 870 AM. KAAN rebroadcasts its signal on an FM Translator K279AP-FM at 103.7 MHz, which operates 24 hours a day, even after the AM station signs off at sunset.

The broadcast tower is located six miles west of Bethany on Hwy 136.

Kaan (name)

Kaan is a masculine given name and surname of Turkic origin, meaning "ruler", "King of Kings" ( Khagan).

Usage examples of "kaan".

Yet Kaan could feel them: nearly fifty Aurek fighters flying in tight formation, pressing the attack on the Dreadnaughts while all four Hammerheads pulled back.

Drawing on the power of the dark side, Lord Kaan pushed out with his will to touch the minds of the enemy.

Her creased and wrinkled face was bathed in sweat from the strain of using her battle meditation against Kaan and the Sith.

No longer protected by the power of the light side of the Force, the Republic soldiers were completely demoralized by the terror and despair Kaan spawned in their minds.

But I would counter by insisting that we train our apprentices to join the ranks of the Sith Lords so they may stand alongside Kaan and the rest of the Brotherhood.

This was not the first time the Jedi had been virtually absent from key battles: during encounters at Bespin, Sullust, and Taanab, Kaan had expected to be confronted by a fleet led by Jedi Master Hoth, the only Republic commander who seemed capable of winning victories against the Sith.

At first Kaan suspected it was a trap, some elaborate scheme arranged by the wily Hoth to ensnare and destroy his sworn enemy.

Lord Kaan resisted the urge to go down to the landing bay to meet him.

Kopecz shook his head as he studied the battle plan Kaan had laid out on a makeshift table in the middle of his tent.

In theory everyone in the Brotherhood of Darkness was equal, but in practice Kaan ruled the others.

A few seconds later Kaan emerged from the crowd and walked back over to stand beside Kopecz.

In practice the Sith needed leaders, Masters like Kaan, or Lord Qordis here at the Academy.

And the Jedi Temple on Coruscant was still well beyond the reach of Kaan and the Brotherhood of Darkness.

If I become an expert warrior for the Brotherhood, Lord Kaan will know you were the one who trained me.

When Kopecz entered, Lord Kaan took one look at him and dismissed his other advisers with a sharp wave of his hand.