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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Jutes \Jutes\ (j[=u]ts), prop. n. pl. sing. Jute. (Ethnol.) Jutlanders; one of the Low German tribes, a portion of which settled in Kent, England, in the 5th century.


The Jutes, Iuti, or Iutæ were a Germanic people. According to Bede, the Jutes were one of the three most powerful Germanic peoples of their time in the Nordic Iron Age, the other two being the Saxons and the Angles.

The Jutes are believed to have originated from the Jutland Peninsula (called Iutum in Latin) and part of the North Frisian coast. In present times, the Jutlandic Peninsula consists of the mainland of Denmark and Southern Schleswig in Germany. North Frisia is also part of Germany.

The Jutes invaded and settled in southern Britain in the late 4th century during the Age of Migrations, as part of a larger wave of Germanic settlement in the British Isles.

Usage examples of "jutes".

Saxons, Jutes, Angles and even British tribes rise against him regularly.

He sees Saxons and Jutes and Angles and Goths being born in this Island of Mist.

Neither do the Saxons, the Jutes, the Angles or the Goths, and only in recent years have the Sicambrians become friends.

In the south-east, a force of Jutes had sailed to Londinium, sacking the town before being crushed by Uther's fleet in the Gallic waters.

They send iron goods from the Anderita mines, swords, axes, spears, arrow-heads to the Goths, the Jutes and the Angles.

But think on this: these merchants supply the Jutes and earn great wealth.

So, without the Jutes Uther would have less gold with which to oppose them.

If we spread the word that the King lives - and will return - it will give the Saxons, Jutes and Angles a problem to consider.

The country was at war, and even if by some miracle the Goths were beaten back the Saxons would rise, or the Jutes, or the Angles, or any of the multitude of tribesmen.

If I stay, it will be to fight the Saxons and the Brigante and the Jutes -trying to keep the candle aflame just a little longer.

We Danes moved into Jutland and drove out the Jutes with weapon-steel, generations agone.

I’ve no time for Jutes, but I grant ye this: they be not so lacking in manhood that they will choose the former!

They fought like blood-hungry demons, they did, slaying and hacking and slaying until the Jutes gave back before them.

Let us be dealing with him, at least, ere we concern ourselves with three shiploads of Jutes and an unknown horde of Saxons!

And among the flotilla were fifty Dragonships, twenty-five of which were crewed by Fjordlanders, the remaining twenty-five by Jutes, three thousand warriors altogether, who would leave their ships upon the Ironwater and stand ward against the foe.