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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Jura \Ju"ra\, prop. n. [F. & L.]

  1. A range of mountains between France and Switzerland.

  2. (Geol.) The Jurassic period. See Jurassic.


Jurassic \Ju*ras"sic\, a. (Geol.) Of the age of the middle Mesozoic, about 190 to 140 million years ago, including, as divided in England and Europe, the Lias, O["o]lite, and Wealden; -- named from certain rocks of the Jura mountains. It was noted for the predominance of dinosaurs on land, and the development of the first birds and mammals. -- n. The Jurassic period or formation; -- called also the Jura.


See jus


Jura may refer to:

Jura (department)

Jura is a department in the east of France named after the Jura mountains.


The Jūra is a river in western Lithuania and a right tributary of the Nemunas. It mostly follows a meandering and natural course, although two concrete dams of hydroelectric power plants prevent paddling, as do dense vegetation in its upper reaches and large stones.

The river's name comes from the Lithuanian word jūra, which means " sea". Towns on the Jūra include Tauragė, Rietavas, Kvėdarna, and Pajūris.

Usage examples of "jura".

Entrenando it could be very calm, it could maintain the calm even though Cilean tended traps to him, like the one to order that five women attacked Jura simultaneously, but it had subject respect to which Jura could not control its fury before the injustice: Geralt.

Years before Jura was born, king Thal had traveled to England in order to try to celebrate an alliance with the king of England.

Bah, is poileno - Jura said you scorn love, refiriendo itself to you to another tribe lanconiana.

Cuando one launderer prevented that Jura played with a great and sharpened axe, fearing who she cut his feet, Thal dismissed the woman.

That demonstrated to us how it had been his life in Inglaterra - Jura said.

Cilean knew that it also talked about Geralt, the stepbrother of Jura, and a Daire, that had been bred with them.

That will take to me much more of one hour - said Jura seductively, causing the laughter of Cilean.

When animal shouted towards her, Jura shot making it fall graceful and quiet.

Yes - distracted Jura responded, crossing the forest with the glance, while the others carved up animal.

Four days ago Cilean and Daire were marchado and Jura was strange much to its friend.

Rowan to only interested one him diversion: the beautiful and delicious Jura, most perfect of the women, more.

Rowan scrutinized all the rostros, hoping to see Jura, but it was not.

Daire extended the arm quickly and took the heavy braid from Jura, forcing it to approach its face his.

To Jura not him it pleased its smile, por that the eyes of Daire did not smile.

It wished so much to Jura that was arranged to risk to disappoint to his father, for whom always had lived.