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Junundat was a Wyandot Indian village located west of present-day Sandusky, Ohio, United States. It was perhaps founded about 1754 by a tribe of Wyandots moving south from the vicinity of Detroit under the leadership of Orontony. The name "Junundat" is an alternate version of "Wyandot" (a.k.a. Owendats/Wendats), a tribe also known as the "Hurons" by the French. The village of "Junundat" (known by various historical spellings, including "Sunyendeand"), and nicknamed "Fort Junundat" by later historians, was a semi-fortified Indian trading-post; and it was also said to have been built with help from the French military, but this may be a later confusion with " Fort Sandoské", and a misreading of 18th-century maps. It may have instead been merely French-Canadian fur-traders who helped to build the fortifications here. "Junundat" village was still in existence to some extent, into the early 1800s, but the few remaining Indians all left after the settlement of this general area by New Englanders about 1810.