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junction point

n. (context computing Microsoft Windows English) A kind of symbolic link to a directory.

Junction Point

Junction Point may refer to:

  • NTFS junction point, in the NTFS file system, a symbolic link to a directory that acts as an alias of that directory
  • Junction Point Studios, a video game developer based in Austin, Texas, established in 2005 and closed in 2013

Usage examples of "junction point".

The commercial advantages were obvious, and the Junctions farflung termini had become magnets for trade, all of which must pass through the central junction point (and Manticoran space) to take advantage of them.

Both of them had gone away angry and perplexed, the way Larry was now, sensing the crossroads inside her, the sense of some preordained, mystic junction point.

They reached the next segment, about where they'd come in, and realized that Wallinchky would have to be moved at each junction point, even if slightly.

There was every reason why he should desire to make Kingston the junction point of the road he was now forced to build.

Just as he said that last a small powered tractor towing a trailer entered the Junction point, paused a moment, then turned our way and started right toward us.

If you put them into reverse, we will just back out of this capillary and eventually -- not a very long eventually, either -- we will be back at the junction point and in the arteriole again.

They hustled him into it, and it rolled down the moving roadway smoothly, bumping only when it reached a junction point where two belts met.

From the same junction point, the young Atlanta, a fourth railroad was constructed southwestward to Montgomery and Mo­.

That town is the junction point of two main railroad lines, so there we will set up and show.