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n. (context historical English) A former coin of Italy, struck by Pope Julius II (1503-13).


Júlio is a Portuguese masculine given name. The equivalent in Spanish is Julio.

The diminutive form is Julinho, as in Júlio César Teixeira known as Julinho, a Brazilian footballer.

Julio (given name)

Julio is a Spanish male given name. It can also be a family name or surname. See Julio (surname).

The equivalent in Portuguese is the accented Júlio

In acting:

  • Julio Alemán, Mexican actor
  • Julio Mannino, Mexican actor

In politics:

  • Julio Acosta García, President of Costa Rica from 1920 to 1924
  • Julio Argentino Roca, army general who served as President of Argentina
  • Julio María Sanguinetti Coirolo, President of Uruguay
  • Julio-Claudian Dynasty, the first five Roman Emperors

In sports:

  • Julio Aparicio Díaz, Spanish bullfighter
  • Julio César Aguirre, Colombian road cyclist
  • Julio César Blanco, Venezuelan road cyclist
  • Julio Briones, Ecuadorian football (soccer) player
  • Julio César Enciso, Paraguayan football (soccer) player
  • Julio Cesar Gonzalez, light-heavyweight boxer
  • Julio César Luña, Venezuelan weightlifter
  • Julio César Rangel, Colombian road cyclist
  • Julio César Urías, Guatemalan race walker
  • Julio Franco, American baseball player
  • Julio César Herrera, Venezuelan track and road cyclist
  • Júlio Lópes, Brazilian freestyle swimmer
  • Julio Lugo, American baseball player
  • Julio Manon, relief pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles
  • Julio Ricardo Cruz, Argentinian footballer who plays for Italian side Internazionale
  • Julio Santana, relief pitcher for the Major League Baseball Philadelphia Phillies
  • Julio Santos, Ecuadorian freestyle swimmer
  • Julio Valentín González, Paraguayan football (soccer) player
  • Julio Velasco, Argentine volleyball coach

In other fields:

  • Julio Cortázar, Argentine intellectual and author of several experimental novels and many short stories
  • Julio Fernández (disambiguation), several individuals
  • Julio Garavito Armero, Colombian astronomer
  • Julio Gonzalez (arsonist), unemployed Cuban refugee
  • Julio González (sculptor), Spanish sculptor
  • Julio Iglesias, Spanish international singer, father of singer Enrique Iglesias
  • Julio Preciado, banda singer based in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico
  • Julio Macat, Argentinian-born American cinematographer, and the husband of Elizabeth Perkins
  • Julio Suárez, Guatemalan banker
  • Julio Franco Arango, Colombian Roman Catholic bishop
  • Julio Silva, Argentine Artist, painter and scuptor living in Paris France since 1955

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Julio (surname)

Julio is a Spanish male surname or family name. It can also be a first name / given name. See Julio (given name).

The equivalent in Portuguese is the accented Júlio

It may refer to:

  • Agustín Julio (born 1974), Colombian football player
  • David Júlio (born 1932), South African-born Portuguese football player
  • Deivi Julio (born 1980), Colombian amateur boxer and Olympian
  • Ener Julio (born 1973), Colombian boxer
  • Geraldo Júlio (born 1971), Brazilian politician
  • Joel Julio (born 1985), Colombian boxer
  • Jorge Julio (born 1979), Major League Baseball relief pitcher

Usage examples of "julio".

I helped Don Julio and two others move the wounded man behind the line of merchant tents so he would be out of the sight and path of people.

Don Julio spoke Spanish with a slight accent, and I recognized that he was probably Portuguese.

Once he had the man in the position that most likely reflected what he was like when the arrow struck, Don Julio carefully examined and probed the area when the arrow met the flesh.

Don Julio dressed the open wound, cutting pieces of the cloth to create a cover for it.

I had made that mistake with Don Julio and was determined to keep up the mascarada.

Don Julio, Mateo, and the soldados gathered around to view the treasure piece.

Don Julio, Mateo looped a rope around my neck with a wooden device where the knot should be.

Don Julio had returned from threatening the indios with everlasting damnation if they did not do better work.

I believed that the gods had brought Don Julio into my life and sent me on this mission for a reason.

We set out immediately toward Puebla because Don Julio said there was a festival soon to begin in Puebla that might attract the attention of the naualli.

I also did not want to fail for another good reason: I did not know how I would be treated by Don Julio if I failed.

But I did not know what was going to happen to me when Don Julio was advised of our failure.

The unusual relationship between Don Julio and his wife, where they lived apart most of the time, was not discussed.

These little lies, of which I am certain God will forgive, were necessary because Don Julio insisted that both Mateo and I regularly attend church so that he could not be accused of running a Godless hacienda.

I could not keep up the pretense of being indio with Don Julio and the people around him.