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Julin may refer to:

  • Julin (surname)
  • Julin, Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship a settlement in (north Poland)
  • Julin, a semi-legendary medieval settlement thought to be identical with Jomsborg, Vineta and the modern town of Wolin in north-west Poland
  • Operation Julin, a series of nuclear tests conducted in 1991–1992 by the United States
  • Julin Bristol, codename of the nuclear weapon test conducted at the Nevada Test Site on 26 November 1991
Julin (surname)

Julin is a Nordic surname that may refer to

  • Åke Julin (1919–2008), Swedish water polo player
  • Albert Lindsay von Julin, Finnish engineer, businessman and vuorineuvos
  • Erik Julin (1796–1874), Finnish apothecary, shipowner and industrialist
  • Harald Julin (1890–1967), Swedish swimmer and water polo player, father of Åke and Rolf
  • Jessica Julin (born 1978), Finnish football player
  • Magda Julin (1894–1990), Swedish figure skater
  • Pia Julin (born 1969), Finnish Olympic shooter
  • Rolf Julin (1918–1997), Swedish water polo player, son of Harald and brother of Åke
  • Urho Julin (1928–2002), Finnish Olympic runner