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n. congee.


Juk may refer to:

  • JuK, software
  • Juk (food), Korean rice porridge
  • Juk language, a Mon–Khmer language spoken in Laos
  • Ukkusissat Heliport, in Greenland
  • Wapan language (ISO 639-3: juk), a Jukunoid language of Nigeria

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Juk (food)

Juk is a predominantly Korean porridge made of grains such as cooked rice, beans, sesame, and azuki beans. It is also a common food in other Eastern Asian countries under different names (such as jook, in Cantonese). Juk is often eaten warm in Korea, especially as a morning meal, but is now eaten at any time of the day.

It is known to have nutritional benefits, and is considered to be beneficial to digestion because of its soft texture. It is a staple "get well" dish; a dish to eat when one is sick or recovering from bad health. Juk is also considered an ideal food for babies, and is sold commercially by many juk chain stores in South Korea.

Usage examples of "juk".

With Mara to one side and Tam to the other, Luke juked and jinked for a three count, firing his quadded lasers into roiling clouds of flame while he gave the rest of his pilots time to reach firing position.

The skip juked and jinked, its dovin-basal-generated voids absorbing her shots.