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The Collaborative International Dictionary

juju \juju\ n.

  1. the magical power associated with a juju[2].

  2. An object superstitiously believed to embody magical powers; a fetish.

    Syn: voodoo, hoodoo, fetish.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"marijuana cigarette," 1940, supposedly from reduplicated middle syllable of marijuana.


object of religious veneration among West Africans, 1860, supposedly ultimately from French joujou "toy, plaything."


Etymology 1 n. 1 A fetish or charm believed by West Africans to have magical or supernatural powers. 2 The magical or supernatural power of such a charm. 3 A superstitious belief in the karmic consequences of an action or behavior, usually negative in connotation. 4 A type of music popular in Nigeria. (See Etymology 2

n. (context slang English) A marijuana cigarette; a joint.

  1. n. the power associated with a juju

  2. a charm superstitiously believed to embody magical powers [syn: voodoo, hoodoo, fetish, fetich]

Juju (disambiguation)

A Juju is a supernatural power ascribed to an object.

Juju may also refer to:

Juju (Siouxsie and the Banshees album)

Juju is the fourth studio album by British rock band Siouxsie and the Banshees. It was recorded at Surrey Sound studio with Nigel Gray as co-producer, and was released on 6 June 1981 by record label Polydor. Two singles were released from Juju: " Spellbound" and " Arabian Knights".

The album was commercially successful in the UK. It was acclaimed by critics upon its release, with praise given particularly to John McGeoch's unconventional guitar playing and Siouxsie's vocal performances. It remains a critical favourite and is seen as a landmark album of post-punk.

JuJu (album)

JuJu is the fifth album by American jazz saxophonist Wayne Shorter. It was released in July 1965 by Blue Note Records.


Juju or ju-ju is a spiritual belief system incorporating objects, such as amulets, and spells used in religious practice, as part of witchcraft in West Africa. The term has been applied to traditional West African religions.

The term "juju" and the practices associated with it, travelled to the Americas from West Africa with the influx of slaves via the Atlantic slave trade and still survives in some areas, particularly among the various groups of Maroons, who have preserved their African traditions.

Juju is sometimes used to enforce a contract or ensure compliance. In a typical scenario, a juju spell will be placed on a Nigerian woman before she is trafficked into Europe for a life in prostitution, to ensure that she will pay back her traffickers and won't escape. The witch doctor casting the spell requires a payment for this service. Juju is also commonly used in an attempt to affect the outcome of football games.

Contrary to common belief, Vodun is not related to juju, despite the linguistic and spiritual similarities. Juju has acquired some karmic attributes in more recent times: good juju can stem from almost any good deed; bad juju can be spread just as easily. These ideas revolve around the luck and fortune portions of juju. The use of juju to describe an object usually involves small items worn or carried; these generally contain medicines produced by witch doctors.

The term "juju" also is used to refer to the juju bean native to West Africa. The poisonous bean grows on wild tree-dwelling vines.

Juju (Gass album)

Juju (1970) was the first album recorded by the rock band Gass and featured guitarist Peter Green, who had just left Fleetwood Mac at this time. The album was released by Polydor (catalogue reference 283-022 A) and withdrawn soon after it was released to retail outlets and re-issued entitled Gass

Juju (singer)
For Finnish rapper, see Juju (rapper)

(stylized as JUJU) (born February 14, 1976) is a Japanese jazz singer. She is represented by Sony Music Associated Records Inc.

Juju (district)

Juju is one of the seven districts on the island of Rotuma, a dependency of Fiji. It includes the villages of Juju, Toai, and Haga.

Juju (software)

Juju (formerly Ensemble) is an open source service orchestration management tool developed by Canonical Ltd., the company behind Ubuntu. Juju allows software to be quickly deployed, integrated and scaled on a wide choice of cloud services or servers.

Juju (Chandrabindoo album)

Bengali Band Chandrabindoo released their sixth studio album named Juju (Lit: The Bugbear) in 2003 under the EMI banner. This album was recorded and produced just after their long US Tour.

Juju (rapper)

Julius Sarisalmi, professionally known as Juju, is a Finnish rapper. To date, he has released four solo albums, the latest of which in June 2014. Juju has also appeared as a featured guest on songs by such artists as Julma-Henri, Teflon Brothers and Aste.

Juju (Juju album)

JUJU is the third album of Japanese singer JUJU, released on March 17, 2010.

Usage examples of "juju".

Juju also told him that this is an isogloss, a region of distinct accents and dialects.

She wore a holy medal and a gold cross around her neck, a juju bag tied above her knee and paid a traiteur to put a gris-gris on her enemies and business rivals.

And here you are in this jungle juju joint when you could have been snapping petits fours with the vicar of Kidderminster or some damn such.

Only two men, Ki-Gor, White Lord of the Jungle, and Tembu George, could save her - at the sacrifice of their own lives on a crimson juju altar.

Godolphin knew Peccable well enough to be certain that until he'd exhausted his supply of idols, relics, and jujus from the Fifth and could make no more profit, he'd stay put.

On the rind of the moon M'gama and the two old Keepers of the Treasure went out into the forest, throwing curses behind them and leaving their jujus to guard their path.