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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Juge \Juge\, n. A judge. [Obs.]

Usage examples of "juge".

On le remet dans le droit chemin, mais toujours il juge de plus belle.

Vous serez, au contraire, un juge sans appel, Et juge du civil comme du criminel.

Mais je connais ses actes, et je les juge, comme vous pouvez juger les miens.

Raphaelle avait juge la situation assez menacante pour aller en Amerique deterrer les cadavres qui devaient lui rendre son prince.

Madame le Juge took her glasses off, stared unseeingly at the light from the window put them back on and came back to business.

Her clerk, prettier but just as frightful as Madame Metz, takes pleasure in ringing up to say that Madame le Juge wants me at the Palais at ten, and that means sharp.

Monsieur le Juge, is that Madame Lefebvre came to the conclusion that she would be happier leading her own life, and that a dispute more or less acid brought this to ahead.

Englishwoman abroad, Monsieur le Juge, she was in the habit of carrying her passport.

Celui-ci et ses compagnons, qui auraient du traiter avec un grand respect un tel hote, commencerent au contraire a tenir audacieusement, avec le juge du lieu, des propos inconvenants et deshonnetes.

Paris, et il approuvoit fort les punitions exemplaires que les juges en font faire.

Juge impitoyable, il ne manque jamais de tracer sur ses tablettes la ligne de condamnation, et rentre les ongles pleins de cire, comme une abeille ou un bourdon.

Juge in an office like a bank manager, one of a row in a dingy if pompous courthouse, does not look nor sound like Hizzoner the Mayor, but his signature upon a piece of paper is more frightening.

Now was ther thanne a justice in that toun, That governour was of that regioun, And so bifel this juge hise eyen caste Upon this mayde, avysynge hym ful faste As she cam forby, ther as this juge stood.

This Juge unto this cherl his tale hath toold In secree wise, and made hym to ensure He sholde telle it to no creature, And if he dide, he sholde lese his heed.

Virginius gan upon the cherl biholde, But hastily, er he his tale tolde, And wolde have preeved it as sholde a knyght, And eek by witnessyng of many a wight, That it was fals, that seyde his adversarie, This cursed juge wolde no thyng tarie, Ne heere a word moore of Virginius, But yaf his juggement and seyde thus: "I deeme anon this cherl his servant have, Thou shalt no lenger in thyn hous hir save.