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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Jugum \Ju"gum\ (j[=u]"g[u^]m), n.; pl. L. Juga (j[=u]"g[.a]), E. Jugums. [L., a yoke, ridge.] (Bot.)

  1. One of the ridges commonly found on the fruit of umbelliferous plants.

  2. A pair of the opposite leaflets of a pinnate plant.


Juga is a genus of freshwater snails with a gill and an operculum, aquatic gastropod mollusks in the family Semisulcospiridae.

These snails are native to the rivers of the northwestern United States and adjacent British Columbia. Several species are endemic to isolated large springs in the American Great Basin.

The most abundant and widespread species, Juga plicifera, attains a height of up to 35 mm. It is sculpted with fine spiral ridges and variably developed ribs that frequently disappear in parts of the shell made as the animal matures.

Usage examples of "juga".

His most important task, however, was to open the route between the Iberus and central Spain to Roman use, so when he reached the Salo-a big tributary of the Iberus flowing from the Juga Carpetana-he turned up it and one by one subdued the Sertorian towns along it.

Voluntati sacrarum intendo scripturarum, vos dissonantiam facitis, verendumque est ne aratrum sanctae ecclesiae, quod in Anglia duo boves validi et pari fortitudine, ad bonum certantes, id est, rex et archiepiscopus, debeant trahere, nunc ove vetula cum tauro indomito jugata, distorqueatur a recto.