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n. (plural of judgment English)

Usage examples of "judgments".

Mansoul, in all the laws, statutes, and judgments of the famous town of Mansoul.

She told him he was too severe in his judgments of people and that to others often appeared haughty.

Frequently he would interject a similar refrain in thoughtful letters to his department heads when passing down decisions or judgments on matters of government business.

And, perhaps, there are very few people in the world who would not rather choose to die than to have all their secret follies, the errors of their judgments, the vanity of their minds, the falseness of their pretences, the frequency of their vain and disorderly passions, their uneasinesses, hatreds, envies, and vexations made known to all the world.

Dante became that the men of his city, friend and foe alike, knew only the material and physical, pleasure and money, and did not see the judgments that were rapidly at their heels.

He does not intend to frighten the reader away by prolix explanation, but he does mean to warn him against hasty judgments when facts are related which are not within the range of every-day experience.

United States, sovereign in its judgments and only admitting to membership the most trusted and esteemed men of this mighty realm.

I wrote to him: I enclosed our judgments and our decrees in the letter, and the Representative Montaigu undertook to take them to him.

Shortly after the 2d of December under the title of Mixed Commissions, the police substituted itself for justice, drew up judgments, pronounced sentences, violated every law judicially without the regular magistracy interposing the slightest obstacle to this irregular magistracy: Justice allowed the police to do what it liked with the satisfied look of a team of horses which had just been relieved.