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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Jackson took his Land Rover off the track and it juddered over 15 metres of grass.
▪ Something was obviously wrong with the car and eventually it just juddered to a halt.
▪ The elevator doors juddered open when we reached the fifth floor.

n. 1 A spasmodic shaking. 2 (context television English) Jerky playback caused by converting between frame rates; (w: telecine judder) vb. (context intransitive English) To spasm or shake violently.


v. shake or vibrate rapidly and intensively; "The old engine was juddering" [syn: shake]

Usage examples of "judder".

As it was, the substantial sides and bulwark of the eastern trader absorbed their stem head thrust with little more than a grinding judder, moving slowly as the Biter was by now.

Eyvind opened his mouth to shout a warning, but the crewmen moved too fast, the whisker-pole swung across, shifting the great crackling sail, and the knarr juddered and swung after it, obedient to the wind.

This was no zoetrope with an endlessly repeated little visual anecdote: this was a juddering bombardment of infinitely varied moments.

Three assault mechanoids were sent lurching back down the feed roads, plasmatic legs juddering in fast undulations.

There was another subterraneous tug, a juddering as if the earth wanted to slough off the rubbish heaped onto it.

The train was juddering through a high land of alpestrine plants and stoneforms jawing the air.

As if in response to that cannon shot he tacked again, this time juddering as the Bucephalas nearly missed stays.

Gimpo was attacking his penis in an onanistic frenzy, his arm a juddering blur, eyes bulging, face blood-red.

The juddering vibration increased suddenly, causing Saba to glance up and Eveleen to look worried.

Even the Fokker, it seemed, was reacting to his fury, for the patient triplane juddered in the air, the Oberursel whining.

They banged and kicked the door to get it open, and the steel juddered and jarred.

Da who leaned his head on the steering wheel of the truck then, took in a great breath and let it out again in one single, juddering, lurching sob.

Her hands clenched upon the mantle until the knuckles of her slender fingers were white as she took another juddering breath.

The blood was hammering in his ears, and his head was roaring and juddering like that waterfall back there.

Never enough water, food that would choke a varka, the stench of too many cones in too small a space, day on day on day in a shuddering juddering sickening slide and roll.