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, stylized as jubeat, is a series of arcade music video games developed by Konami Computer Entertainment Japan, and is a part of Konami's Bemani line of music video games. The series uses an arrangement of 16 buttons in a 4x4 grid for gameplay, a grid also used for the displaying of cues and part of the user interface.

The game went on several location tests in Asia since December 2007, and was released on July 24, 2008. in Japan, and December in Hong Kong and Macau (Mainland China didn't officially get the game until early 2010). Two attempts to localize the game for the United States market have been made since August 2008, including UBeat, a variant of the first version, and Jukebeat in 2009, a variant based on Jubeat Ripples.

A port of the game for the iOS, "Jubeat Plus", was released on Apple's Japanese App Store in 2010, with a release in the USA store, retitled "Jukebeat" like the 2009 location test, in 2011.