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Etymology 1 n. A type of gelatine-based confection; ''ingredients and consistency vary between countries''. Etymology 2

n. (alternative spelling of jubé English) Etymology 3

n. An open drainage channel of a type common in Tehran.


n. rood screen, jube


Jube is a village in the Durrës County, western Albania. At the 2015 local government reform it became part of the municipality Durrës.

Usage examples of "jube".

Jube watched with horror as air, instruments, and Embe were sucked up toward the cold unwinking stars.

Jube stripped off his shirt to reveal a broad, six-nippled chest, got himself a glass of ice to crunch, and picked the ripest steak he could find.

I shall never see an old woman again, but I shall think to myself, Infandum, regina, jubes renovare dolorem.

Jube had discovered that Masons read newspapers too, so he brought a large armful to each meeting, and read them on the A train (when the lights were on) to take his mind off the smells, the noise, and the looks of distaste on the faces of the riders around him.

Jube trudged along with one hand on his battered old porkpie hat, while the other pulled the two-wheeled wire cart over the cracked sidewalk.

At the meetings Jube had met a well-known lawyer, a TV weatherman, and a professional exterminator who loved to talk shop and kept giving him cards ('Lots of roaches in Jokertown, I'll bet').

Jube left his shopping cart under the steps by the trash cans as he opened the police lock on his basement apartment.