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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Jub \Jub\, n. [Perh. corrupted fr. jug.] A vessel for holding ale or wine; a jug. [Obs.]

JUB (gene)

Protein ajuba is a protein that in humans is encoded by the JUB gene.


JUB may refer to:

  • Ajuba, gene for a human protein that is part of many complexes
  • Jacobs University Bremen, a private research university in Germany
  • Jaiminiya Upanishad Brahmana, a Vedic text
  • Juba Airport in South Sudan (IATA code)
  • JustUsBoys, a gay community website

Usage examples of "jub".

Slip away and contact Jub Vegnu-first speak to one of the assassins, in case Balu had tracked the old man here himself.

I should not be so sure of that had I plunged a red hot king bolt into a screaming white woman, as I have seen Jub do, and laughed at her agonies of death.

Jub Vegnu, set up a meeting, made an appointment with Jabba the Hutt, and arranged for payment .