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JTR (song)

"JTR" is a song by Dave Matthews Band from their unreleased album, The Lillywhite Sessions. The song originated from "John the Revelator," a song written by Dave Matthews with the help from Carlos Santana. Matthews and Santana wrote "John the Revelator" as a love song about someone calling out to their unattainable lover. The "John the Revelator" lines that originally appeared in the song were suggested by Santana who got the idea from the traditional gospel song of the same name.


JTR may refer to:

  • JTR (band), Swedish band that took part in Australian X Factor
  • JTR (song), a song by the Dave Matthews Band.
  • Santorini (Thira) National Airport's IATA code
  • Jack the Ripper, serial killer
  • John the Ripper, password cracking software
JTR (band)

JTR is a Swedish boy band made up of three brothers John Andreasson (born 1990), Tom Lundbäck (born 1993) and Robin Lundbäck (born 1994). The band's name is made up of the first letters of their given names John, Tom and Robin.

They appeared on the fifth season of The X Factor Australia a few months after becoming established in Australia. The fifth season of the Australian version premiered on the Seven Network on 29 July 2013. JTR finished seventh after being eliminated on 30 September 2013 of the show. Their debut album, Touchdown, was promoted by the band's debut single, "Ride". The album charted in both Australia and Sweden.