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JQT (software)

jQT (formerly jQTouch) is an Open Source Zepto/ JQuery plugin with native animations, automatic navigation, and themes for mobile WebKit browsers like iPhone, G1 ( Android), and Palm Pre. It enables programmers to develop mobile applications with a native look and feel for the target device using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

jQT tries to emulate mobile platforms, like the iOS SDK, as much as possible even enabling the use of the Webkit application offline.

JQT (band)

JQT was a four-member South Korean girl group that was under GP Entertainment. The 'J' in the groups name comes from the common letter in each of the members names, while the 'QT' stands for 'Quality' and 'Quartet'. Three of the four members are from the disbanded group i-13, a girl group that was considered the female equivalent of Super Junior. The group originally debuted in 2009 with Min Jung, Ga Jin, Ji Eun and Min Sun. In September 2011, it was announced that Min Sun would be leaving the group to focus on a career in acting. She was replaced by Lee Jin Kyung, who was previously a trainee at GP Entertainment. On February 20, 2012, it was announced that JQT's contracts with GP Entertainment expired and would not be renewed; henceforth, they disbanded.


JQT may refer to:

  • JQT (band), a Korean girl group
  • jQT (software), a JavaScript library