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JPL (disambiguation)

JPL is the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a NASA facility in Pasadena, California, US.

JPL may also refer to:

  • JPL (cyclecar), built in 1913
  • Japanese Baseball League, which reorganized in 1950 as Nippon Professional Baseball
  • Jasper Park Lodge, a hotel in Alberta, Canada
  • Jon Peter Lewis (born 1979), American Idol singer-songwriter
  • Jefferson Parish Library, the public library system of Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, US
JPL (cyclecar)

The JPL was a cyclecar built in Detroit, Michigan by the J.P.L. Cyclecar Company in 1913. The JPL was designed by J.P. La Vigne who was an early and ubiquitous engineer in the industry. The cyclecar was equipped with a four-cylinder air-cooled engine with a sliding-gear transmission. The vehicle was claimed to get -, and have a top speed of .

JPL (Integrated Communications, Inc.)

JPL (JPL Integrated Communications, Inc.) is a strategic, integrated communications company, based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The company creates communications solutions for businesses and organizations, offering services such as: branding, marketing, meeting and event production and coordination, web development, video production, and Learning Solutions.