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Jovanovski is a common Macedonian surname. It derives from Jovan, which is comparable to John in English. The part ov designates possession: Jovanov means John's/Jovan's. The suffix -ski means "from the family of" or "son of", thus 'Jovanovski' is equivalent to 'Johnson' in English, and may refer to:

  • Bojana Jovanovski (born 1991), Serbian tennis player.
  • Ed Jovanovski (born 1976), Canadian hockey player of Macedonian descent.
  • Gjore Jovanovski (born 1956), Macedonian footballer and manager
  • Marko Jovanovski, Macedonian footballer
  • Meto Jovanovski (born 1946), Macedonian actor
  • Meto Jovanovski (born 1928), Macedonian writer
  • Vlado Jovanovski (born 1967), Macedonian actor
  • Zoran Jovanovski (born 1972), Macedonian footballer