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It was difficult sometimes, as the weeks went by and I interacted with Joom and the Reversists who came to visit him, to think of some of them as the soulless creatures I ultimately knew them to be.

Captain Joom gave a wonderful performance for the benefit of the bridge crew.

Just then Captain Joom happened to glance out the starboard portal and I saw his normally stone-like expression change to one of horror.

I moved quickly to the rear of the engine section to see what was the matter, while Captain Joom guarded the bridge against our mysterious guest.

This was a concession the Emperor insisted upon, and Captain Joom agreed upon simply to deflect the GeoAsian predilection for instant suspicion.

I was soon to have a fleet of Doran Death Barges on my tail, and if Captain Joom died from his wounds, I would loose a good friend, and the Confederation would loose the secret of Cold Light.

We also suffered one broken Cold Light lamp which Joom assured us could be easily repaired.

Captain Jooms on the bridge, lying on his side in a pool of his own blood, moaning and gasping for breath.