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n. A female jo (yak-cow hybrid), the male such hybrid being a jobo or jopho.

Jomo (given name)

Jomo is an African masculine given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Jomo Kenyatta (circa 1894-1978), first Prime Minister and President of Kenya
  • Jomo Kwame Sundaram (born 1952), Malaysian economist
  • Jomo Sono (born 1955), South African soccer club owner
  • Jomo Thomas (born 1974), American businessman
  • Jomo Wilson (born 1983), American Arena Football League player

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Jomo may refer to:


  • Jomo (given name), an African masculine given name
  • nickname of Moemedi Moatlhaping (born 1985), Botswanan footballer
  • Jomo Sono, South African soccer club owner, coach and former player Ephraim Matsilela Sono (born 1955)
  • Jo Mo, nickname for professional wrestler John Morrison
  • JoMo, stage name of French/Esperanto musician Jean-Marc Leclercq

Other uses:

  • Jomo (crater), a small lunar crater
  • Jōmō, a nickname for Kōzuke Province, Japan, now Gunma Prefecture
  • Jōmō Line, a railway line in Gunma Prefecture, operated by Jōmō Electric Railway Company
  • JOMO, a brand used for Japan Energy filling stations

Usage examples of "jomo".

There was no good news from Earth, where Jomo Uruhu had gone to teach the eldren way.

He had known the Holyfolk, known the old Kikuyu named Jomo Uruhu, who had lived on the asteroid Janoort and come home to spread the word of the eldren way.

The old man Jomo was sitting in the shade of the only tree up there, a fig tree, while his consort Guinevere searched his back for lice.

In addition to christening the band's obvious head honcho Alfie, I had assigned the following monickers to its menfolk: Ham, Jomo, Genly, Malcolm, Roosevelt, and Fred.

He did not consider Negro an unacceptable term for People of Color and had never heard of Jomo Kenyatta, Steve Biko, Robert Mugabe, or Eldridge Cleaver.