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n. (context South Africa slang English) party vb. (context South Africa slang English) to party

Jól (Iceland)

Jól is the term used for the Christmas holiday season in Iceland and the Faroe Islands and was originally an Old Norse religious festival, also called Yule.

Whereas the start of jól proper is announced by the chiming of church bells throughout the country in the afternoon of 24 December, it is more accurate to describe the season six week event, consisting of seven key phases and dates: Aðventa (advent, the four Sundays preceding jól), aðfangadagskvöld (Yule eve), jóladagur (Yule day), annar í jólum (boxing day), gamlársdagur (old years day), nýársdagur (New Year's Day) and þrettándinn (the thirteenth, and final day of the season).

The main event in Iceland, is Christmas Eve ('aðfangadagskvöld'), when the main Yule meal is served and gifts are exchanged.

Usage examples of "jol".

Hookl, probably, since it was so warmcertainly not Jol, where icebergs abounded.

Horton followed him from the room, and then he and Jols walked behind Germanus down the corridor at a respectful distance.

Horton and Jols began filling the glasses as the knights eyed this rarity with enormous anticipation.

Horton took the scrolls and bowed, walking out with Squire Jols by his side.

Horton glanced over at the cemetery, not quite understanding why Jols seemed to be so impressed with the place.

Master Jol reached for the pad, his manner altering instantly to a trader's critical appraisal.

But Jols was just as aware that his life had changed radically, and for the better.