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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ a jokey TV show
▪ So I thought they were all part of a jokey game.

a. (alternative spelling of joky English)

Usage examples of "jokey".

Just as she was cresting and coming back to herself, the jokey dwarf moaned and began bucking wildly.

It had been jokey and silly and she climbed into the wall side of the bed, leaving little enough room for Howard.

TV news had begun to lose their initial jokey tone, but I was still inclined to laugh off the lunatic fringe.

I saw, as the jokey manner slipped, that it was merely a facade which hid the same fears and furies of all the others, and her eyes, as she went, were just as unfriendly.

While you play little jokey games, I had a terrible time in that canteen.

She was in a strange, jokey mood, and Tom wondered if it was because these dismal steeps reminded her of her girlhood on that other island.

They all seemed voluble people, a bright jokey attitude hanging about them as they bounced about and enthused over his novel.

Jokey Jax Whitehead who'd been slipping into a guest bathroom to vomit up beer, spicy Buffalo wings, grape leaves and blood.