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  1. (context slang English) Really good n. (plural of joke English) v

  2. (en-third-person singular of: joke)

Usage examples of "jokes".

It is very natural for me to suppose that to the two thoughtless acts of which you have been guilty, you have added another not less serious, namely, that of having boasted of your exploits with the other nuns, and I do not want to be the butt of your jokes in cell or parlour.

I could not refuse him, and I could not request Maton to leave the room, so from the beginning to the end of the meal he showered his military jokes and attentions on her, though he was perfectly polite the whole time.

I saw that she had only consented to my small liberties because she regarded them as mere jokes, of no account, and I resolved to take advantage of this way of looking at it to go as far as I could.

The province of those jesters is to make their owner laugh by all sorts of jokes which are usually nothing but disgusting tricks, or low, impertinent jests.

Intoxicated with rapture, I passed so rapidly from a state of sadness to one of overwhelming cheerfulness that during our supper the advocate enjoyed a thousand jokes upon my toothache, so quickly cured by the simple remedy of a walk.

I had become, without any wilful malice on her part, an eye-sore to her and the butt of her bantering jokes, which my sensitiveness exaggerated greatly.

But at last fear put a stop to our criminal jokes, which in those days I used to call only the frolics of young men.

While he was answering with much wit some jokes of the count, I kept looking at him with some anxiety, but he came up to me and embraced me warmly.

Cardplaying, lovemaking, and practical jokes were the order of the day.

Some of those jokes were rather severe ones, but the order of the day was never to get angry and to laugh at everything, for one was to take every jest pleasantly or be thought a bore.

I began to crack jokes, and my jests drew peals of laughter from Esther.

He was good-natured, a wit, and inclined to broad jokes, and his manner towards women bordered on the impudent.

Trying to seduce her, Ludvik assumes a mature, cynical tone and jokes, with little effect, in order to demonstrate to her his worldly detachment.

She sends her assistant to deliver the letter to Ludvik, who sits in a cafe thinking about his fate, conceiving of his whole life as an error, with history playing jokes on him rather than following rational Marxist laws of physical and social necessity.

All night long, the mourning Kaiel had pledged their loyalty in song and in speech and gift-giving and even, at the height of the celebration, with wry jokes about the toughness of his flesh.