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Jofre Mateu González (born 24 January 1980), known simply as Jofre, is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for Indian club FC Goa as a left midfielder.

He amassed Segunda División totals of 332 games and 28 goals during 11 seasons, in representation of six clubs. In La Liga, he appeared for Barcelona, Levante, Espanyol and Murcia.

In 2014, Jofre left for the Indian Super League.

Jofre (name)

Jofre or Jofré may refer to the following people

Given name
  • Jofre de Foixà (died c. 1300), Italian poet, musician and abbot
  • Jofré Llançol i Escrivà (c.1390–c.1436), Spanish noble
  • Jofre Mateu González (born 1980), a Spanish football player
  • Éder Jofre (born 1936), Brazilian boxer
  • Joan Gilabert Jofré (1350–1417), Spanish priest
  • Juan Pablo Jofre (born 1983), Argentinian musician, composer and arranger
  • Oscar Jofre (born 1965), Canadian entrepreneur and technology specialist
  • Sara Del Carmen Jofre González (1935–2008), Cuban-American businessman