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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"civilian who is thought to be prospering back home with a soldier's sweetheart, wife, job, etc.," by 1979, said to date from World War II, from masc. proper name Jody, for no clear reason. Hence Jody call.


n. A Jody call.


Jody may refer to:

  • Jody (given name), a list of people with the given name
  • Jody (singer), French singer, real name Julie Erikssen
  • "Jody" (song), 1986 single by Jermaine Stewart
  • 4083 Jody, asteroid
  • Military cadence, also known as Jody or Jodie
Jody (song)

"Jody" is pop vocalist Jermaine Stewart's third of three singles from 1986. The song was included on Stewart's second album Frantic Romantic.

"Jody" continued Stewart's commercial success in both America and the UK. Although the single wasn't a huge hit, it was a moderate hit single in both countries. In the UK, the single failed to enter the top 40, peaking only at #50 for a total of four weeks.

In America, the single became Stewart's most successful single on the dance charts, peaking at #9. The single became Stewart's third single to enter the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at #42. In Canada, the single made a small appearance on the chart, peaking at #81.

The previous single "Frantic Romantic" failed to make any impact in Europe. The "Frantic Romantic" single was not released in America. In America, "Jody" was the follow-up to Stewart's biggest hit " We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off".

A promotional video was created for the single. In America, Stewart performed the song on American TV show "Soul Train". Originally before his fame as a singer, Stewart had gained recognition as a dancer on the very same show. He also performed the song on the American musical variety show "American Bandstand" along with " We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off".

The song "Jody" was inspired by Jody Watley of American music group Shalamar who Stewart was a backing vocalist and dancer for in the early 1980s. Watley went on to co-write two of Stewart's 1988 singles " Don't Talk Dirty to Me" and " Is It Really Love?" with her husband of the time André Cymone. Cymone would work with Stewart on his third album " Say It Again".

"Jody" was written by Stewart, Narada Michael Walden and Jeffrey Cohen. Walden is a well-known American producer, drummer, singer, and songwriter. Walden previously co-wrote "We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off" with Preston Glass in 1986 which became Stewart's biggest hit.

The b-side for the single "Dance Floor" appeared on the same album "Frantic Romantic", written by Stewart and Roy Carter. Carter was rhythm guitarist for the disco band Heatwave before leaving to pursue a career in record production.

For the single, various remixes of "Jody" were released along with a limited edition 2x12" vinyl that included two remixes of "We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off".

Jody (given name)

Jody is a given name. Notable people with the given name include:

Jody (singer)

Julie Erikssen better known as Jody is a French pop singer who gained fame in 2003 with the song "Dans ce monde" which she followed by another hit in 2004 titled "Entre l'ombre et la lumière", but failed to make an impact with her following releases.

Usage examples of "jody".

Clem and Jody, two oldtime vaudeville hoofers, cope out as Russian agents whose sole function is to represent the U.

He'd worked all day in the foundry below, covering Jody and the vampire with the thin coat of conductive paint and putting them into the bronzing vats.

Until Jody returned from the stables and found I had not canceled my cancelation of his authority to act.

Nessuna meraviglia se Jody, la mia amata agente pubblicitaria, e Diana, la curatrice del libro di Alex, stessero sedute là, con i loro bicchieri ancora pieni, con un'espressione assolutamente catatonica.

The 42 bus rounded the corner and Jody instinctively felt in her jacket pocket for her bus pass.

Jody looked up from the mirror and blinked, the lashes on her right eye describing a starlike Clockwork Orange pattern against her pale skin.

I bite your chest… your abdomen… my fangs tease at the sensitive tip of your penis… blood engorges it… blood stiffens it… blood that will soon run gushing down my throat… oh, Jody, Jody, this is the end for you, the end and the beginning… drink me now… as I drink you… the cold of death is absolute… the warmth of life is but a shadow… and now… come… come into my coffin… I don't want to sleep alone any more… come into the coffin… into the womb… into the tomb… oh, Jody, this is love… this is death.

They had been coming out of the drugstore, the precious hot pink polish carefully tucked into Jodies bra so Renee wouldnt see it.

As Jody screams over the din of the house music, Fuck the agendas.

He only hoped that Jody didn't take him for a neo- Nazi and drop from a tree.

As Tommy started to protest, standing to dig money out of his jeans pocket, Jody picked up her soup spoon and brandished it threateningly.

Jody can do a fake Chinese spiel that'll just kill you -- like a hysterical ventriloquist's dummy.