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JOC may refer to:

  • Japanese Olympic Committee, the national Olympic committee in Japan for the Olympic Games movement
  • Young Christian Workers (Jeunesse ouvrière chrétienne in French), an international Catholic organization of the Young Trade Unionists
  • Several Military Organisations called Joint Operations Command:
    • Canadian Joint Operations Command
    • Joint Operations Command (Australia)
    • Joint Operations Command (Sri Lanka)
    • Joint Operations Command (Zimbabwe)
  • Journal of Organic Chemistry, a peer-reviewed scientific journal
  • JOC Group Inc., a provider of information on international trade, trade, and logistics professionals.
  • Chief Journalist, a former U.S. Navy occupational rating

Joc may refer to:

  • Joc dance ensemble, Moldovan republic
  • Joc Pederson (born 1992), American professional baseball outfielder
  • Yung Joc (born 1983), American rapper

Usage examples of "joc".

Director joc Links, IIBC THE TRANSITION OF THE BAY MEN from merchant adventurers to merchant princes was slow, painful and absolute.

When he clamped both hands to the sides of his barrel-round stomach, Joc tilde lyn watched with dawning comprehension.