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Joby may refer to:

  • Hans Joby (1884–1943), German film actor
  • Joby Baker (born 1934), Canadian born actor and painter
  • Joby Godfrey (1894–1977), English professional footballer
  • Joby Harold, English film director and screenwriter currently living in Los Angeles
  • Joby Harris (born 1975), California-based visual artist; guitar player and singer for band Crash Rickshaw
  • Joby Harte, British television personality
  • Joby Ingram-Dodd (born 1980), former Welsh racing cyclist
  • Joby Messier (born 1970), professional ice hockey player
  • Joby Ogwyn (born 1974), American mountain climber from Santa Barbara, California
  • Joby Talbot (born 1971), British composer
  • Joby Wright (born 1950), American former college and professional basketball player