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Joah (Hebrew: יוֹאָח) is a Hebrew masculine given name, which means "Yahu is his brother" or "God is his brother." It is derived from the two words " Yahu" (the short form of YHWH) and "ach" (a Hebrew word broadly meaning "brother"). Joah may refer to:

Joah (song)

"Joah" is a song by Korean-American recording artist Jay Park, released on April 10, 2013, worldwide on iTunes and domestically in Korea as a three-track digital single of the same name. The other songs on the single are "1 Hunnit", and "Welcome". The lyrics are written by Park, and the song was produced by fellow Art of Movement member, Cha Cha Malone. In Korean, "Joah" translates literally to "like" (; Revised Romanization: Joha), or in context of the song, "I like you".