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n. 1 (context Hinduism English) knowledge, as acquired through meditation, that one's self (atman) is identical with Ultimate Reality Brahman. 2 (context Buddhism English) pure awareness that is free of conceptual encumbrances.


Jñāna ( Sanskrit; Pali: ñāṇa) a term for "knowledge" in Indian philosophy and religion.

The idea of jnana centers on a cognitive event which is recognized when experienced. It is knowledge inseparable from the total experience of reality, especially a total or divine reality ( Brahman).

The root jñā- is cognate to English know, as well as to the Greek γνώ- (as in γνῶσις gnosis). Its antonym is ajñāna "ignorance".

Usage examples of "jnana".

The Voice sat cross-legged on her mat, her fingers in the jnana mudra, the headnet covering her skull.