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JMB may refer to:

  • JMB, JeceMusicBand, Music Band
  • John Moses Browning, Mormon small arms architect
  • José Manuel Barroso, a European politician
  • Jorge Mario Bergoglio, an Argentine Roman Catholic cardinal also known as Pope Francis
  • JMB Communications, a Massachusetts communication company
  • JMB Records, a record company
  • JMB Realty, a Chicago real estate company
  • Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh, an Islamic organization in Bangladesh
  • the Joint Matriculation Board (earlier known as the Northern Universities Joint Matriculation Board), a body in the United Kingdom which awarded O levels and A levels.
  • The JAL Mileage Bank, the frequent flyer program of Japan Airlines
  • Johnson Matthey Bankers, the core of a 1984 banking crisis
  • JMicron, a technology company. Linux reports their devices as JMB363 or similar.
  • James M. Bennett High School, in Salisbury, Maryland
  • Journal of Molecular Biology, a weekly scientific journal.