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JLF (website)

JLF Primary Materials, formerly known as JLF Poisonous Non Consumables, was a popular internet website during the last part of the 20th century which sold " research chemicals" — essentially new hallucinogenic, stimulant, and other drug analogues which had not as yet been made illegal. In addition, it sold a large variety of plants, as well as Amanita muscaria mushrooms. Critics say that most of the plants were a red herring designed to distract authorities from the real business of selling research chemicals, although this is debatable as the company began selling only one product, Amanita Muscaria (commonly known as the "Fly Agaric") mushroom. The mushrooms were sold through a small ad in the classified section of High Times magazine. Soon JLF began offering a catalog for $2 (US) which also listed other products, such as various roots, seeds, herbage etc. with hallucinogenic, carcinogenic, neurotoxic, and other effects. JLF did not begin offering pure compounds (research chemicals) until long after the company was established with a core of regular customers.

The name "JLF Poisonous Non Consumables" was explained as describing how the owner completely discouraged any consumption of what he was selling. A famous interview occurred with the owner where he claimed that he had no idea that any of what he sold was psychoactive or analogous to illegal drugs. In 2001, comically the website's name was explained to be the "Jewish League of Firefighters" undoubtedly to throw off suspicion. Nevertheless, the DEA, as well as the FDA and the Indiana state police raided JLF and caused it to cease selling research chemicals. The main products with which the FDA had a problem were tramadol (a prescription-only drug), sassafras oil (used to manufacture ecstasy) and 1,4-butanediol (an analogue of GHB). The raid wasn't due however to the fact that JLF was selling analogues of then illegal drugs, but rather it was a part of a larger Food and Drug Administration (FDA) crackdown against a large group of herbal medicine providers.

The DEA has since arrested the owners of five sites selling research chemicals in what was named Operation Web Tryp. These include April Curtis, owner of RAC Research; Mike Burton, owner of American Chemical Supply; and the owners of Omega Fine Chemicals, Duncan Labs and LTK Research.


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