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JJC (short for Johnny Just Come; Nigerian slang for a recent arrival, especially naïve newcomers) is the stage name for Abdul Rasheed Bello, a Nigerian rapper and record producer. He was born on 4 April 1977 in Kano, Nigeria, but has been based in London since 1991.

He has produced singles for UK pop acts such as Liberty X, Lemar and Big Brovaz. He is currently setting up his own production company, Backbone Music, and working with a number of developing new artists.

JJC (disambiguation)

JJC may refer to:

  • Jessica-Jane Clement (born 1985), British actress, television presenter and glamour model
  • Joliet Junior College (Joliet, IL, USA)
  • Jennifer Jo Cobb
    • JJC Racing
  • New Jersey Juvenile Justice Commission
  • Jurong Junior College (Singapore)