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Jivaro (film)

Jivaro (1954) also known as Lost Treasure of the Amazon, is a 3-D Technicolor film starring Fernando Lamas, Rhonda Fleming and directed by Edward Ludwig. Publicity material for the film translates Jivaro as "headhunters of the Amazon".

Originally filmed in stereoscopic 3-D, due to a decline in interest Jivaro was not presented in that format in its original release. It later had its 3-D debut on the 17th of September 2006 at The World 3-D Expo in Hollywood.

Usage examples of "jivaro".

Portals over the sidewalk shaded them from the tropical sun, and they gazed at the store windows with their astonishingly heterogeneous displays: sweaters and typewriters, frying pans and automobile tires, fake shrunken heads from the Jivaro Indians, and Camay soap.

Once settled on the station to which God had sent them, Roger and Barbara plunged into a study of the Jivaro language and were soon able to help in the development of a method of teaching the Jivaros to read and write their own language.

Soon he was driving himself to reach the Jivaro Indians with the Gospel.

Like the Ouichua, the Jivaro never tires of pressing his face to the screen of the missionary window, watching all that goes on inside.

Wearing shorts, a sweat shirt, cotton cap, and canvas leggings and sneakers, Roger spent much of his time visiting Jivaro houses.

Usually Jivaro difficulties are over women, who are soulless possessions of the man and are frequently stolen or traded in business deals.

His barefoot carrier was in front and as they approached a Jivaro clearing, he pulled up to a sudden, painful halt.

When they got there, Frank started to give them the Gospel in Jivaro, telling them of the love of Christ and how he had died for us.

He decided to try to get some Jivaro to help him carry the radio and guide him over the trail from Wambimi to the Atshuara country.

Then I realized how concerned we had been about him on the trail, with Just a Jivaro guide and a few provisions.

The Jivaro who had promised to carry it in had gotten wind of the sickness among the Atshuaras, and, knowing how deadly flu can be, refused to go near the place.

The large house was thatched, with round ends, Jivaro style, and around it were several smaller squarish houses with thatched roofs, square on the ends.

In other continents the Inca, Maori, Jivaro, and other cultures developed the art of mummification, but never to such extremes of refinement as the Egyptians.

Plus, you get safe, germ-free delivery of anything you want, from your Albanian Aardvark to a Jivaro shrunken head.

If a criollo like myself can take as his lover a Jivaro girl, others will follow.