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n. Any Chinese alcoholic beverage


Jiu or JIU may refer to :

  • Jiu River, a tributary of the Danube in Romania
  • Chinese alcoholic beverages, known as jiu in Chinese
  • Jiu River (Râul Mic), a tributary of the Râul Mic in Romania
  • Ținutul Jiu, a former administrative division of Romania
  • Joint Inspection Unit, a United Nations entity
  • IATA code of Jiujiang Lushan Airport, China
  • Jino language, ISO 639-3 language code
  • Jones International University, a predominantly on-line school located in Centennial, Colorado

Usage examples of "jiu".

I will deal with Jiu Ximin, and while I do so, you will be gaining invaluable insight into conducting negotiations.

Their own wealth was sufficient for Jiu Ximin to feel immediate relief at the mention of their name.

It occurred to Zilin that Jiu Ximin had ordered Sheng Li to remain simply in order to shame her.