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adv. (context nonstandard English) alternative form of just n. (context rare English) (alternative spelling of gist English)

Usage examples of "jist".

An honest farmer, like one of these Cumberland folks, when he goes to choose atwixt two that offers for votes, is jist like the flying-fish.

Thir wis nowt that we could dae except tae jist walk right through they school gates n acroass that tarmac playground at the front doors whaire that cunt wis standin lookin like fuckin Hitler.

These cunts up the stairs, the Barclays, they jist lit that dug oot n it runs doon the stairs tae dae its stuff oan the waste.

So the next night, jist at dark, I gives January Snow, the old nigger, a nidge with my elbow, and as soon as he looks up, I winks and walks out and he arter me.

I was nussing Polly and it was jist then that you done some work for the Mumpseys!

Ye feel like yir jist wantin it tae go radge now, cause the fuckin tension is unbearable.

They talk aboot players windin up the crowd, but ah reckon that Best, jist by daein that, stoaped a major riot.

And ilka day she cam to read wi' me, and we jist got on like a mail-coach--at least I did--only the wrang road.

Joe Begbie blooters a guy whae wisnae a Hun, or even gaun tae the fitba, jist a punk guy wi a mohawk.

I know when a wench spends a mancus of gold on sugar and nigh poisons a dozen poor orphans jist to make a present for a man.

Eh jist kent that it wound up every posh cunt in the work who looked at him and heard his schemie voice and thought that eh was white trash.

Well, tae be quite honest, ah wis awright, in fact ah wis like a fly in the maist deliciously toxic form ay shite ye could get, jist swanning roond the record shops checkin oot aw the Eurotechno stuff.

This wis me gittin right in wi the main men, jist as much as Terry n Billy wir, mibbe even mair.

The Huns are in a mess, nane ay the cunts near us want tae come ahead, but while thir jist standin thaire mouthin it, thir stoapin a load ay big fuckin bad bastards whae want tae git through fae gittin tae us.

Jist lookin fir somewhaire tae pit it aw, eh goes, n every cunt laughs.