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n. (context Ireland colloquial English) ejaculated semen. vb. (alternative form of gyp English)


Jip may refer to:

Usage examples of "jip".

One day, when the Doctor had called a final dress rehearsal, it was discovered that the green canary and Jip were missing.

I heard Maum Patty scold you yesterday for letting Jip bite it and snip out a piece.

Jip himself, who has after all known John Dolittle longer than any of us, ought to tell us a story about the Doctor.

Jip, at the moment, was sitting on the back bench, near the door, with his reading glasses perched on the end of his beefy nose, scanning the local paper.

The water boiled in through the tube, and its level was now almost Jipping the top of the sill.

The preparations she made for this great work, the aprons she put on, the bibs she borrowed from the kitchen to keep off the ink, the time she took, the innumerable stoppages she made to have a laugh with Jip as if he understood it all, her conviction that her work was incomplete unless she signed her name at the end, and the way in which she would bring it to me, like a school-copy, and then, when I praised it, clasp me round the neck, are touching recollections to me, simple as they might appear to other men.