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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
high jinks
▪ youthful high jinks
▪ He rushes me, and I jink and move, almost too late.
▪ Then the ship would jink even closer in to a prosperous hilly suburb, if possible, to offload the terror Scouts.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Jink \Jink\, v. i. [Cf. Jig, v. i.]

  1. To move quickly, esp. with a sudden turn; hence, to dodge; to escape by a quick turn; -- obs. or dial., except as a hunting term in pig-sticking.

  2. (Card Playing) In the games of spoilfive and forty-five, to win the game by taking all five tricks; also, to play to win all five tricks, losing what has been already won if unsuccessful.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"to wheel or fling about in dancing," 1715, Scottish, of unknown origin. As a noun, 1786, "act of eluding," probably from the verb in the sense "elude" (1774). For high jinks, see hijinks.


n. A quick evasive turn. vb. (context intransitive English) To make a quick evasive turn.


Usage examples of "jink".

I yelled at Chubby, and we jinked back over the skyline just as the next shell passed over us, making us both flinch our heads at the mighty crack of passing shot.

There were squadrons of jet-black drongos with long forked tails, starlings of iridescent malachite green, rollers and bee-eaters in jewelled colours of turquoise and sunlight yellow, carmine and purple, jinking and whirling in full flight, ecstatic with greed.

Jinks, appearing to be aware of the existence of Fodder for the first time.

I jinked the heli right and left, then pushed the cyclic forward again, forcing the collective against the stops, racing to put the ridgeline between us and our attackers.

Filled with post-Cold War double-crosses, New Economy high jinks, and even a few Wall Street shenanigans thrown in for good measure, The Prometheus Deception is pure old-style Ludlum, repackaged for the new millennium.

This was why Lu Wai and Letitia had not wanted her to meet Jink and Oriyest.

Jinking bats, now three in number, frolicked in their aerial feast, and the paper-fragile exoskeleton of each doomed moth made a faint but audible crunch when snapped in those rodent teeth: entire death announcements in crisp strokes of exclamatory punctuation.

It overshot and rebounded from a gable of frozen nitrogen, its nozzle jinking back and forth as it tried to stabilize its position.

Now the circus stepped out more briskly, to its clamor of music, along the Quai Henri IV, which jinked farther to the right where the Seine parted around its two great midstream islands.

Jinks, who was dusting his rosetted shoes with a white pocket handkerchief, grimaced at this.

It jinked through the forest, then came abruptly to the long straight avenue of spathodea trees that led down to the staff village.

Mara jinked hard, came back, and put the torp right where she wanted it.

Bilgewater Junction, the base attempt of the Drug Trust to boost the price of quinine foiled in the House by Congressman Jinks, the first tall poplar struck by lightning and the usual stunned picknickers who had taken refuge, the first crack of the ice jam in the Allegheny River, the finding of a violet in its mossy bed by the correspondent at Round Corners - these are the advance signs of the burgeoning season that are wired into the wise city, while the farmer sees nothing but winter upon his dreary fields.

Hornet was jinking around the sky, weaving and bobbing as it tried to evade the antiair fire while still remaining on course and on time for its mission.

Declaration in Castalian, and its immediate suppression by Colonel Jinks, the censor.