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Jim (comics)

Jim is a comic book series by Jim Woodring. It began in 1980 as a self-published zine and was picked up by Fantagraphics Books in 1986 after cartoonist Gil Kane introduced Woodring to Fantagraphics co-owner Gary Groth. The publisher released four magazine-sized black-and-white issues starting in September 1987. A comic book-sized continuation, Jim Volume II, with some color, began in 1993 and ran for six issues until 1996.

Jim, which Woodring described as an "autojournal", contained comics on a variety of subjects, many based on dreams, as well as surreal drawings and free-form text which resembled Jimantha automatic writing. Besides dreams, the work drew on Woodring's childhood experiences, hallucinations, past alcoholism, and Hindu beliefs. It also included stories of recurring Woodring characters such as Pulque (the embodiment of drunkenness), boyhood friends Chip and Monk, and, in Volume II, his signature creation Frank.


Jim is a diminutive form of the forename " James". For individuals named Jim, see articles related to the name Jim.

  • Jim (comics), a comic book series by Jim Woodring
  • Jim (album), an album by soul artist Jamie Lidell
  • Jim (Huckleberry Finn), character in Mark Twain's novel
  • Jim (Finland), a Finnish television channel affiliated with Nelonen
  • JIM (Flemish TV channel), a Flemish television channel
  • JIM suit, an atmospheric diving suit
  • Jim River, a river in North and South Dakota, United States
  • Jim, the nickname of Yelkanum Seclamatum
  • An abbreviation for the Journal of Internal Medicine
  • Juan Ignacio Martínez, commonly known as JIM
  • Jim (Medal of Honor recipient), recipient of the US Medal of Honor
Jim (horse)

"Jim" was the name of a former milk wagon horse, who was used to produce serum containing diphtheria antitoxin ( antibodies against diphtheria toxin). Jim produced over 30 quarts (7.5 US gallons) of diphtheria antitoxin in his career. However, on October 2, 1901, Jim showed signs that he had contracted tetanus and was euthanized. After the death of a girl in St. Louis was traced back to Jim's contaminated serum, it was discovered that serum dated September 30 contained tetanus in its incubation phase. This contamination could have easily been discovered if the serum had been tested prior to its use. Furthermore, samples from September 30 had also been used to fill bottles labeled "August 24," while actual samples from the 24th were shown to be free of contamination.

These failures in oversight led to the distribution of antitoxin that caused the death of 12 more children. This incident, and a similar one involving contaminated smallpox vaccine, led to the passage of the Biologics Control Act of 1902, which established the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research. Jim's misfortune, and the ensuing tragedy and reaction, thus established a precedent for the regulation of biologics, leading to the 1906 formation of the US Food and Drug Administration, or FDA.

Jim (TV channel)

Jim (abbr. of Jotain ihan muuta, in English Something completely different) is a Finnish national television channel that replaced Nelonen Plus on 26 February 2007.

The programming of the channel consists of imported programs; mainly do-it-yourself programs, documentaries and popular series such as Fifth Gear, Wheeler Dealers, Penn & Teller: Bullshit!. It often has reruns of drama series such as Rome, Lost, 4400, Sleeper Cell and Brotherhood. Also, it features some lesser-known television series, such as Life After People, Bondi Rescue, Speeders, Takeshi's Castle, Kenny vs. Spenny, and Ninja Warrior.

Jim (song)

"Jim" is a popular song with music by James Caesar Petrillo and Edward Ross, lyrics by Nelson Shawn. The song was published in 1941. It has been recorded by Billie Holiday, Dinah Shore, Sarah Vaughan and Ella Fitzgerald.

Category:1941 songs

Jim (Huckleberry Finn)

Jim is one of two major fictional characters in the classic novel Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. The book chronicles his and Huckleberry's raft journey down the Mississippi River in the antebellum Southern United States. Jim is an adult black slave who has fled; "Huck," a 13-year-old white boy, joins him in spite of his own conventional understanding and the law.

Jim (album)

Jim is a 2008 album from Jamie Lidell. The album is less electronica-oriented than his previous album, Multiply. In early 2009, Jim was named Best Pop/Rock Album at the 8th Annual Independent Music Awards. For the week of May 17, 2008, the album reached #183 on the U.S. Billboard Top 200 Albums, as well as #7 for Heatseekers Album and #23 for Independent Album.

JIM (Flemish TV channel)

JIM (launched as JIMtv in 2001) was a Flemish television channel of the Medialaan ( Roularta/ De Persgroep) that is aimed at people aged between 15 and 24. Its name is a backronym for "Jong, Interactief en Meer" (English: Young, Interactive and More). During its first years, the channel mainly broadcast music videos. They have since started mixing this with programs such as Brainiac and Snoop Dogg's Father Hood. The channel stopped broadcasting on December 16, 2015.

Jim (Medal of Honor recipient)

Jim "The Great" (1850 – c. 1897), born Bow-os-loh, was an Apache Indian scout in the U.S. Army who served under Lieutenant Colonel George Crook during the Apache Wars. He guided cavalry troopers against renegade Apaches in the Arizona Territory during Crook's winter campaign of 1872-73 and was one of ten scouts later received the Medal of Honor for gallantry.

Usage examples of "jim".

Jim tried, without much success, to keep the aggravation out of his voice.

Especially Jim Mclnroy, Jim Copeland and Adrienne Airlie unbelievably you make accounting fun!

It would take great humility to write this novel: humility, not the professorial, historical, commercial, and auctorial cleverness that went into his Jim Bridger mountain man books.

Even in the exigency of the moment, Jim felt awed by her ruthlessness.

Unfortunately, Ayers knew Jim, which made conducting an investigation in human form highly problematic.

Celestine watched from the shelter of the trees as five of her werewolves fought the one Ayers had identified as Jim London.

If I bad-mouthed Big Jim elsewhere then, please, let it lie, because right now.

At the end of that time, during which Jim Baler had been inspecting the searchlight-thing on the top of the little house, he called to his friend, and Jim entered the flier lugging the thing on his shoulders.

Glancing over at Bender, Jim rapidly discerned he and the apparently unconscious child in his arms were with Kerri.

Jim - is to the dark kid and his wife scared to death their only prospect is winding up bibs in some gov warehouse.

Jim had belonged to an order of Knights, who lengthened the rites with a picturesque ceremony of their own, and at first Bibbs wished to avoid this, but upon reflection he offered no objection-- he divined that the Knights and their service would be not precisely a consolation, but a satisfaction to his father.

Christine Marshall, Clint and Lori Smith, Kevin and Laura Smith, Jim and Paula Huffinan, Harper and Connie Wren, Jim and Debbie Riordan, Steve and Donna Blinn, Tony and Janey Marzulli, Carrie Rudiselle, Barry and Terry Santavy, Nate and Shirley Lyndsay, Manolo and Virginia Lopez, Fin and Adrian Johnston, Kelly and Kathy Higgins, Brian and Suzy Neuman, David and Terri Schaal, Seth and Karen Semkin, Andy Flamard and special thanks to my manager Kathy Horn!

But after the actions of Jim Bolder the Qax judged that even a small group of humans represented a risk to the long-term survival of the Qax.

The human Jim Bolder will cause the destruction of the Qax home world, drive them to diaspora.

Remember that more wormhole links have been set up, to the future beyond Jim Bolder and his heroics.