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n. (plural of jibe English)

Usage examples of "jibes".

Nora replied, raising her voice above the laughter as she remembered Con's jibes, "I've had some very interesting ones.

By such an action, sadly, he left me open to more jibes by those who could not.

Dorse loved nothing better than to taunt Jaxom about Ruth's lack of stature, masking his malicious jibes in mock-brotherly quarrels, knowing all too well that Jaxom could not retaliate without a rebuke from Lytol for conduct unbecoming his rank and station.

He retired to his chamber after a couple of halfhearted jibes at the weapons master to break his concentration.

If she didn't entertain Regin and the others by reacting to their jibes, they would eventually grow bored and leave her alone.

As she told him of the pranks and jibes, she felt both embarrassed and relieved.

Nathaniel could well imagine how Underwood's fury would be expressed—in sneers and jibes and fears for his own petty reputation.

The djinni's jibes had cut through his weariness and grief to ignite a pent-up fury that suddenly consumed him.