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n. (cx numismatics English) A currency unit of the People's Republic of China, one tenth of a yuan.


n. 10 jiao equal 1 yuan


Jiao may refer to:

  • Horn (Chinese constellation), or Jiao (角宿), a Chinese constellation
  • Jiaolong, or Jiao (蛟), a Chinese dragon
  • Jiao (currency) (角), a unit of currency in China, one-tenth of a Chinese yuan or dollar
  • Jiao (surname), a Chinese surname
  • Jiao River (Shandong), in Shandong, China
  • Jiao River (Zhejiang), in Zhejiang, China
  • Jiao, a Chinese form of litter (vehicle)
Jiao (currency)

Jiao (Chinese: 角), or mao, or Hou (Chinese: 毫) in Cantonese, is a unit of currency used in Greater China, including People's Republic of China ( Mainland China), Republic of China ( Taiwan), One jiao is equal to one-tenth of a yuan or ten fēn .

  • Renminbi has banknotes and coins of 1 jiao, 2 jiao and 5 jiao.
  • New Taiwan dollar has coins of 5 jiao (rarely used).
  • Hong Kong dollar has coins of 1 hou (known as 10 cents), 2 hou (known as 20 cents) and 5 hou (known as 50 cents).
  • Macanese pataca has coins of 1 hou (known as 10 avos), 2 hou (known as 20 avos) and 5 hou (known as 50 avos).
Jiao (surname)

Jiao is an atonal romanization of various Chinese surnames.

It may refer to:

Usage examples of "jiao".

It might have gotten to her sooner but she had in her mind something the old doctor at Jiao zhuang hu had said to her, Remember the rivers that flow to the sea and she used the great trees that grew by the plateau's wide, muddy river for protection.

She was confused because the second stewardess in the galley, Miss Jiao, fell against her, and they were both knocked to the floor.