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Jhala (Hindi: झाला) is a term in Hindustani classical music which denotes the fast-paced conclusions of classical compositions or raga. It is often characterized by the overwhelming of the melodic component by the rhythmic component. This is sometimes effected by the rapid striking together of the chikari between notes.

Jhala (clan)

Jhala is the name of a clan of Rajputs.

The princely state of Dhrangadhra was a 13-gun salute state in the 1920s, when it was ruled by members of the Jhala dynasty. At that time, Jhalas also governed in the 11-gun salute state of Wankaner and in the 9-gun salute states of Limbdi and Wadhwan, as well as in the non-salute states of Lakhtar, Sayla and Chuda.

They are from Gujarat basically but found in Rajasthan as well, Their places in Rajasthan as following Delwada, Badi Sadri and Gogunda.