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a French word for "play, game" occurring in some phrases borrowed into English, from Latin jocum "jest, joke, play, sport" (see joke (n.)).


Jeu is a 2006 animated short by Georges Schwizgebel. Described as a film about the frenetic pace of modern life, Jeu is set to the scherzo of Prokofiev's Concerto for Piano No. 2, Opus 16. The film has received 12 international awards, including the Silver Dove Award from the international jury for animated film at the International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film, the award for best experimental/abstract animation under 35 minutes at the Ottawa International Animation Festival, and a Special International Jury Prize at the Hiroshima International Animation Festival. Jeu is co-produced by the National Film Board of Canada and Studio GDS.

Usage examples of "jeu".

Tinker asserted his, with the result that his bolt into the Salles de Jeu and his difficult extrication from them by the brawny, but liveried officials was fast becoming one of the events of the day.

Four minutes later the feverish gamblers in the Salles de Jeu were gratified by the sight of a seraph-like child in blue silk pyjamas who flew gaily round the tables pursued by two stout and joyfully excited Southern Europeans in livery.

On the eve of their departure for Arcachon, Tinker and Elsie were sitting in the gardens of the Temple of Fortune, taking a well-earned rest after a farewell bolt into the Salles de Jeu, in which Elsie also had played a gallant and successful part, for the somewhat obscure reason that it was the last bolt: so strengthening to her character had been companionship with Tinker.

Tu pourras remplacer Mistigri dans le jeu de cartes de monseigneur le roi.

Root Cult itself was comprised largely or perhaps even entirely of veteran devotees and practitioners of this savage, nihilistic, and mettle testing jeu pour-meme.

The entire Le Jeu du Prochain Train is customarily conducted in silence.

The false beard, it is vieux jeu, and shadowing is only done by the lowest branch of my profession.

Some one had said that she looked like the vieux jeu, idea of the queen in Hamlet.

Toulouse, in Aix, Nimes, Albi, Aries, Carpentras, Montpellier, Genoa, Milan and Burgos, Occitan universities were springing from the ground, while Jeux Floraux, or poetic contests, were everywhere reviving the ancient songs of the Troubadours, dedicated to the quest of the soul and of perfect love.

These nerveless few, le Jeu's finest   many of whom will go on to directeur future jeux (if not, often, to membership in Les Assassins or its stelliform offshoots)    these nerveless and self-contained virtu osi never see their opponents' flinches or tics or the darkenings at corduroys' crotches, none of the normal signs of will faltering which lesser players scan for         for the game's finest players frequently close their eyes entirely as they wait, trusting the railroad ties' vibration and the whistle's pitch, as well as intuition, and fate, and whatever numinous influences lie just beyond fate.