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Jeth is a third month of the Nanakshahi calendar, which govern the activities within Sikhism. This month coincides with May and June in the Gregorian and Julian calendars and is 31 days long.

Usage examples of "jeth".

But as he watched, Jeth Tewdol raised himself painfully and sat up against a block of weather-roughened stonework, lifted, it seemed, by the flute music that still rang sweetly through the hall, healing all hurts.

When the harping died away and the amber hue was gone, Jeth Tewdol sat alone amidst the ruined stoneworks of Taencaer.

He showed Jeth Ree another smile, and was pleased to gain one in return.

Far as I know, he was mostly buying--bought some few things, myself, now and then, like that weather maker Jeth adopted.

That was the new player, Jeth, a fellow not much older than Connor, and as Connor drew near, Jeth threw a quick, distracted smile his way and sketched a brief bow.

Jeth Tewdol caress a string of his lute and the harp Cerin played rang discordantly.