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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Jesuitry \Jes"u*it*ry\, n. Jesuitism; subtle argument. [R.]

Usage examples of "jesuitry".

Reverence for order, for justice, and established fact, will, often march shoulder to shoulder with Jesuitry in natures to whom success is vital.

Lancelot might as well have held his tongue--nobody understood him but Vieuxbois, and he had been taught to scent German neology in everything, as some folks are taught to scent Jesuitry, especially when it involved an inductive law, and not a mere red-tape precedent, and, therefore, could not see that Lancelot was arguing for him.

Eight hundred Degrees of one kind and another were invented: Infidelity and even Jesuitry were taught under the mask of Masonry.

Inquisition, Jesuitry, in one word, all the peculiarities of Catholicism developed through the power of the same formal process of reasoning, so that Protestantism itself, which the Catholics reproach with rationalism, developed directly out of the rationalism of Catholicism.

In that time he would certainly have belonged to those who reproached it with Jesuitry and obscurantism.

Rabelais and secondly to the seventeenth-century conviction of the profound Machiavellism of Jesuitry.